Friday, December 4, 2009

Video Game as a Medium

Video game as a medium is finally being notice through the entertainment industry. Around the 21st century is when video game played a huge affect on society. Society are comparing video games to film because of the similarities. Video games is touching all aspect of life and is moving to all genders and cultures around the world. Culture and gender is usually important in video games, because they are times when one might be playing video games and they come from a different sex or race. Video games has an impact on our life because we experience what the characters our doing and apply it to our life. Therefore, when playing video games we are able to understand the creator of the game thesis of the game and analyze it from our point of view.

Archetypes on Acid

To many people playing video game in the arcade, it is not as popular playing video games at home. There is a huge change from the 20Th century to the 21st century when playing video games. When we play video games we tend to experience with the characters movement and use them in our life. Playing video games at home is much cheaper than having to go to the arcade and spend a tremendous amount of money. Throughout our experience playing video game we look for graphic and the storyline to be entertained. However, throughout the years video will change because even now it is being compared to films. As we play these games we tend to go into this fantasy world that everything we are playing is true.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

UnCharted 2

This game was like watching a movie at the movie theater, with the graphic and the amazing storyline. The game was very interesting because I got to see how the characters interact. Even though it was a violent and aggressive game the storyline was good. The graphics was realistic, that it made me feel like I was actually there in the game. Watching the game had me at an emotional state of mind, where I place myself in the characters role. I enjoyed the fact that a woman played an aggressive role, which I do not find in video games often. She played as a hero, instead of a victim. Her role was very vital because she helps the male protagonist and antagonist character in the game. She gives clues to the protagonist to help him find his destination. I would recommend this video game to others, because I was really involved in the storyline.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Art form for the digital ages

Video games have been known to many individuals worldwide, but are art a form for the digital ages? This question really has me thinking if video game is transform into art form throughout the society. Video games are becoming a part of film, and also could be played on the computer. According to the article, computer game is a popular art and is starting to emerge throughout society. Art is going to grow tremendously throughout the 21st century, because many are attracted by the graphics. When one looks at art in the digital age, they will see how lively it views and how the character look like real human being. Game designer has become creative in choosing different scenery, and the mood in the environment the characters are acting out. Video games tend to have us show emotions, and have a connection with them. Video game in my opinion is defiantly going to be a form of art years to come, and also it will be a challenge for the game designers. Therefore, art in video will reach many individuals around the world and they will realize the change as the play.

It is a video game certainly, but is it art?

This article was very interesting and helps me to understand art in video games. Dr.Jenkins point out some great facts about, how we can be emotional attached to video games. When one plays video game, one tends to build a connection with the character as if the really knew the charcter. Even though the characters are not real, one tends to express their feelings as the play the game. In the article Jenkins discuss about how he never was a huge fan of playing video games, but when he finally plays he started to cry. As we see these video games in art, we tend to feel that the scenery and the characters are so real. Video games are becoming more advance over the centuries and will change throughout the year. Art plays a major role in video game, and will become very popular over the years. Jenkins suggested incorporating critical vocabulary question to help understand video game through art and the words that tend to express one thought. Therefore, when you think about video games it is not only about adolescent play all day long, but art is very important in the game.

Monday, November 2, 2009

What the bleep do we ?

After watching this film, it really made me think about if I know everything in life. There are so many aspects of life that we as individual have not touched yet. People tend to live their lives not knowing what to expect. It is not what we do to our body, but what we do with our mind. Many individuals are not satisfied with their life, but want to change the way they are living. We must live our dreams to the fullest.

However, our brain is capable of many things, but we must transcend our self to a higher level. We must make a change in our life, and realize that there is more to live and learn. Love the abstract as you love whatever addiction, which one indulges their selves into repeatedly. Live your life in happiness, and not an addiction that will your life. Power of intangibility is what we call matter, and was highly discussed in the film.

Therefore, in the film one will understand and explore different emotions, addictions and know about God spiritually. God is always with us and guide us in the right direction. There is time when we lose track of time and our identity. The studies that the doctors speak about in the film, made me realize that we must have a positive thinking of live and know that there is so much to learn about in life. Never say that we know everything because that is not the case.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Analyzing Mortal Kombat Breifly

Fight! Mortal Kombat is not an easy game until one plays it for duration of time. The characters are made up of different races and gender. One will encounter an Asian, Caucasian, Hispanic and also African American character. This game in my opinion is very diverse and many can relate to the character. When I play this I never really choose the race of my background, but of another race on the chart. The game is highly aggressive and violent at the same time. There are different stages of this game, where one can move up to a higher level. The game usually has three rounds of one fighting their opponent to win the battle. However, one will observe the culture of power and who is really the dominant race in the game. Technically there is more white male character than any other race.

Therefore, there are also character that look like creatures, but one can see the skin color underneath their costume. Would this game be considering violence in pop culture? I think that there are a high percentage of children, adapting what they see in the video game to the reality of their life. It is up to their parent to teach them right from wrong. While playing this game I was fascinating to see that women are not a bystander, but actually fighting in the game. I have been playing this game for years, but have not realized the low percentage of women fighting. After reading the article of “The connection: Life, Knowledge, and Media it made me realize that we cannot always be looking at one perspective of life. The goal is to reconstruct your knowledge, and know there is right and wrong of many situations in life. When I apply this to article to Mortal Kombat, I analyze that in the game that there is a higher percentage of a certain race, but also there is other races to be depicted.